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Silicone Compounding

Excellence in silicone compounding and production is our goal. At CRI-SIL, we are much more than just a material supplier with sophisticated compounding capabilities. We pride ourselves on our technical ability, customer service, and manufacturing efficiency. All three are equally important to our customers and we work hard every day to ensure that you will be satisfied with our abilities.

Our mission is to take your requests and turn them into quality, usable materials that will process on your equipment flawlessly, allowing you to concentrate on your own business and save money through scrap reduction and increased efficiency. We will work with you through every phase of development and manufacturing so you will always know the status of your product request. 

SPECIFICATION - Do you have a current project or are you looking for a second source? We will take your written specification such as ZZR (AA-59588), Mill-Spec, UL, USP Class VI, or you can simply give us the information you have at hand (o.e. Durometer, Tensile Strength, Modulus) and we will develop a material for your needs.

ENGINEERING - Once we have your specification, our R&D staff will engineer a high performance, customized silicone or flurosilicone compound or base. We will normally provide samples free of charge during the evaluation process.

MATERIAL SUPPLIED WITH FOLLOW ON CUSTOMER SERVICE - All products are developed in our state of the art laboratory and manufactured in our modern, 34,000 s.f. facility. Batch size can range from 5 pounds to 1200 pounds depending on your needs. Pre-forms are all fully customizable depending on what equipment you use to manufacture your products.

We will produce Heat Cured Rubber (HCR) for traditional transfer, compression, injection molding are available. Additionally we provide Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) utilizing platinum curing systems for mold-making and water block applications.

Additionally, we have an extensive database of products already developed, tested, and proven in many types of fabrication processes.

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