Silicone Compounds – These are specialty synthetic elastomers that retain their physical properties, including elasticity, over a broad temperature and molecular weight range. When silicone compounds are properly engineered they can excel in high temperature stability, low temperature flexibility, chemical resistance, weather-ability, electrical performance, bio-compatibility and more. Although silicones and their related compounds have been around since the early 1960’s, they continue to be improved and can often be found as the material of choice for many emerging technologies.  Silicone has an excellent balance of mechanical and chemical properties that allow it to be used in many of today’s more demanding industrial applications.

Silicone comes in many different forms and can be used across a wide spectrum of manufacturing techniques. CRI-SIL Silicone Technologies focus’ on all types of silicone materials and manufacturing processes. If we don’t have a material “off the shelf,” we can develop one for your specific need- including your specific manufacturing process. Our goal is to ensure you do not need to develop processes for our materials, but that we develop materials for your process.

Specialty silicone compounds and applications:

Low Compression Set

Connectors (self bleed)



Hot Stamp

General Purpose

High Strength


Wire and Cable

ZZR (AA-59588)

Flame Retardant

Roller Compounds

High Stength




No Post Cure


HCR – High Consistency Rubber, sometimes referred to as Heat Cured Rubber. This product comes in one or two-part combinations and is used in the majority of silicone rubber applications.

Fluorosilicone – This product is intended for elastomeric parts that will be exposed to lubricants, fuels, and other fluids and solvents.

LSR – Liquid Silicone Rubber. A two part silicone system that offers many advantages including:

  • Automated manufacturing process

  • Flash free parts

  • Fast cure cycles for high productivity

  • Low viscosity allows for low injection pressure

  • Deep and thin section cure

  • No by-products from the vulcanization process

RTV – Room Temperature Vulcanization. One or two part specialty systems using either condensation cure or platinum cure catalysts.